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Drs. Els Vogelpoel recently opened her own Renew Clinic in Zandvoort. In order to properly […]


Drs. Els Vogelpoel recently opened her own Renew Clinic in Zandvoort. In order to properly prepare herself for carrying out treatments with Stylage and PRP, she attended several workshops at bo medical in Ankeveen. In this interview she shares her experiences.

“When I was orienting myself on the products with which I wanted to work, the website of bo medical caught my eye. Also the initial contact was pleasant, I immediately had a good feeling about it. I signed up for the Stylage and PRP workshops. I really enjoyed these. A lot of valuable information is provided at the workshops. I listened a lot and got out of it what seemed useful to me.”


During the Stylage workshop, Els also practiced injecting: “I would definitely recommend everyone to practice treatment with the products during the workshop. Cosmetic practitioners and trainer Pamela Willekens provided me with excellent guidance, it was very nice working together.”

Natural effect

Els explains her choice for Stylage and PRP as following: “A cosmetic treatment must have a natural effect. People must look good, without others knowing that something has been done. And that is the effect that Stylage and PRP provide. I have already received a great deal of positive feedback!”


Els definitely recommends participating in a workshop: “It is very useful if you want to master the technique before you begin working with Stylage or PRP. As a cosmetic practitioner it is always nice to receive feedback. The size of the group was good, which also stimulated interaction between the participants. It was interesting to share experiences with various people. For example, there were retired plastic surgeons and an insurance physician who does cosmetic treatments on the side.”

Win-win situation

Els provides Stylage and PRP treatments in a separate treatment area in Sissy’s Salon in Zandvoort: “It is a win-win situation for the both of us. Many of the customers at the hairdressing salon are also interested in cosmetic treatment. This way we can provide them with extra service.”

Energy-based devices

High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic Technology (HIFEM), Lasers, light, Radiofrequency (RF), High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), bo medical’s got it all! By visiting key congresses […]

Energy-based devices


The cornerstone of bo medical’s business! Fast growing and leading brand Stylage is by far the leading product in this segment.


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