Physicians report miraDry in European Aesthetic guide

Recently the Physicians report on miraDry was published in Spring 2014 edition of The European Aesthetic Guide. A few quotes of Dutch dermatologist Wim Venema that are published in this magazine:

“miraDry has great potential to improve patients’ lives. I see hyperhidrosis as a large, under-appreciated social disability. Since miraDry entered the U.S. market two years ago the number of people seeking treatment has grown with increased awareness. Once the problem is solved, the embarrassment goes away and people begin to feel comfortable speaking about how underarm sweat used to impact their lives. We’re unaware of exactly how many people in Europe are afflicted with excessive sweating, but we expect to see the same strong response here as in the U.S.”

“People with hyperhidrosis are stigmatized by society. In that way, sweating is a real restriction of freedom. These people try to stay away from circumstances where they can count on sweating, so they avoid parties and other social gatherings. I have heard from patients that they were refused a promotion because they were sweating too much. After you have treated these patients, they experience a kind of liberation. They can socialize at will and not worry about their sweating.”

In the past, Dr. Venema had also used other solutions to treat hyperhidrosis: “Including surgical methods to eliminate the sweat glands. When I treated hyperhidrosis with curettage and suction, patients had to stay home for a week and my success rate was around 50%. With miraDry, there is no surgery and the downtime is practically nothing, and the people I treated could go back to work the next day. I think it is more effective. Out of the ten people that I have treated using miraDry, eight patients who are really heavy ‘sweaters’ have been completely cured. The other two patients will need a second treatment, but overall it’s been a very big success.”


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