Berg en Vaart History

Just 15 miles Southwest of Amsterdam city and just 10 miles from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, bo […]


Just 15 miles Southwest of Amsterdam city and just 10 miles from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, bo medical’s offices are located at 11b Cannenburgerweg in Ankeveen. The office is located in a former hygienic dairy farm/ milk factory dating 1911. The former stable, which in the past housed 25 cows, has a high ceiling offering daylight.

The round cowshed

The round structure of the cowshed drew regional and national attention, perhaps because it was similar to the construction of several round barns in the United States. The University of Illinois, in particular, promoted the development of round barns, because it believed that it would make the manual labor of the farmer more efficient. These advantages became redundant with the introduction of mechanical equipment in agriculture. In the Netherlands, most of the round cowsheds have already been demolished. That is why round cowsheds, such as “Berg en Vaart,” are indeed a rare phenomenon in the Netherlands.

A piece of history

Many visitors are charmed by our unique location. So here is a brief historical description: Our building, the former hygienic model farm Berg en Vaart was located on a road that was laid in the 17th century. In 1911, Berg en Vaart was built in the middle of a meadow of an older, 18th-century farm. This is the building that you pass when you drive into Cannenburgerweg 11b. The architect was Th. Bonders. His work is diverse; he designed hydraulic works, farms, monasteries, churches, and more. In the 19th and 20th centuries, the Netherlands sought to structure agriculture as efficiently as possible. In 1910, as part of this restructuring, several round cowsheds were built, including Cannenburgerweg 11b.

Hygienic farm

Berg en Vaart was a hygienic dairy farm where milk was produced for the tuberculosis clinics in the area. At the beginning of the 20th century, antibiotics were not yet available as medicine, so milk had to be produced as pure as possible for patients. The purpose of the farm was described as ‘delivering milk produced hygienically from healthy cattle.’ In 2009, bo medical technologies moved into the building. The building was entirely renovated with a sense of history and converted into a workspace provided with new installations and services.

Energy-based devices

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Energy-based devices


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