Viveve™ BY VIVEVE is a simple treatment for vaginal laxity that can impact overall well-being

Just like skin, vaginal tissue relies on collagen for its support. With the normal aging process or physical stresses from childbearing, the tissue can become stretched and weakened. The result is a feeling of vaginal looseness called laxity, the side effects of which can be diminished physical sensation during intercourse and urinary incontinence.

  • Millions of women suffer with vaginal laxity. In fact, 88% of doctors surveyed said vaginal laxity is the number 1 physical change occurring post vaginal delivery (1).
  • Vaginal laxity often goes un-reported by their patients, and therefore untreated. 83% of doctors surveyed said vaginal laxity was underreported by their patients (2).

Consequently, vaginal laxity can have a profound effect on a woman’s overall health and well-being.

About the Viveve Treatment

The Viveve treatment was specifically designed to help the millions of women who would otherwise silently accept vaginal laxity and the associated conditions. Viveve works at a cellular level to rebuild and restore collagen within the vaginal tissue – without surgery and without disrupting the surface tissue. During one 30-minute office visit, the Viveve treatment delivers patented, dual-mode deep heating and surface cooling to stimulate the body’s own natural regenerative processes.

In multiple studies, including the VIVEVE 1 study, a large, randomized, blinded and placebo-controlled trial, women who received the Viveve treatment showed statistically significant and sustained improvements in vaginal tightness, sensation and satisfaction at 12 months. The VIVEVE 1 study also showed statistically significant improvement in arousal, lubrication, and orgasm.

How Viveve Works

Vaginal laxity involves the full thickness of soft tissue and requires a treatment that reaches the deeper layers of tissue. Only the Viveve treatment uses tiny pulses of radiofrequency energy to gently heat the deeper layers of the vaginal tissue whilst simultaneously cooling and protecting the delicate surface.

This unique approach ensures women’s experience is comfortable, quick and typically only one in-office session. Because the surfaces of the vaginal walls are not injured, and only the area just inside the vaginal opening is treated, women can return to normal activities immediately. Over the next 3 months, the body responds by gradually developing healthy, new collagen so the vaginal tissue is revitalized and sexual sensation and urinary control is improved.

A Quick, Comfortable Treatment

The Viveve treatment is a respectful, comfortable, 30-minute, single-session, in-office treatment that does not require local or topical numbing medication. At the beginning of the procedure, the practitioner inserts a treatment tip (the size of a thumb) just inside the vaginal opening. This tip is circumferentially rotated around the opening of the vagina delivering just the right delivery of alternating pulses of heating and cooling.

The vaginal tissue reacts to the heat by replenishing new youthful, cushioning collagen within the tissue. Everyone’s baseline level of laxity and natural response mechanisms vary but results typically peak at about 90 days and are still evident at 12 months.

Why Choose Viveve?

First, only Viveve uses deep heating and surfacing cooling radiofrequency technology specifically designed for vaginal tissue. Second, Viveve is a comfortable, single-session solution for vaginal laxity with lasting results. Viveve is not about cosmetic appearance; it is about what a woman FEELS. With Viveve, during intimacy a woman can experience a snugger fit and more sexual sensation and satisfaction. There is definite anecdotal and increasing scientific evidence that a gratifying sex-life correlates to overall health and vitality. Now, with Viveve, women have a straightforward way to enhance their well-being.

Viveve® System utilizes internationally patented, cryogen-cooled monopolar RF energy (CMRF) technology

  • Physician operated table-top device
  • Single-use consumable treatment tip

Customer benefits

  • 30 minute in-office procedure
  • No anesthesia required
  • Non-ablative and non-surgical
  • Little or no downtime / recovery period
  • Clinically proven
  • Self-pay - avoids reimbursement
  • Significant in-office revenue
  • Can be delegated to a nurse or tech

About the Viveve System

The Viveve treatment utilizes the Viveve® System, a patented, monopolar radiofrequency technology for renewing tissue just inside the vaginal ‘introitus’ or opening. The Viveve System utilizes cryogen to cool the surface of the vaginal tissue while the RF energy is delivered. This protects the surface of the patient’s vagina while energy is delivered deep into the supportive tissue where it will have the most effect. It is the only device that treats vaginal laxity to use this advanced, protective technology.

The Viveve System has been tested in three prospective clinical trials: one in the U.S., one in Japan, and one multi-center trial in Canada, Europe and Asia, and is approved in nearly 50 countries for treatment of vaginal laxity and improvement of sexual function, with no serious adverse events reported. It is approved in the United States for electrocoagulation and haemostasis.

About Viveve

Viveve provides women low risk, high reward medical procedures that promote personal health and wellness. The company is committed to innovative technological advances and to broad and elucidating education for medical and lay audiences worldwide.


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2 Pauls RN, Fellner AN, and Davila GW. ‘Vaginal laxity; a poorly understood quality of life problem.’ Onderzoek onder artsen die lid zijn van de Internationale Urogynaecologische Associatie (IUGA). Int Urogynecol J. 2012;23:1435–1448. 



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