Treatment of lipoatrophy

Olaf is a patient who greatly profited from the treatment with Stylage. Due to long-term illness and administration of medicine, Olaf suffered greatly from fat and muscle loss (lipoatrophy) in his face. His ‘thin cheeks’, as he called them, bothered him very much. “You don’t want everyone to know that you are sick. People feel sorry for you when that is sometimes the last thing you want."

8 ml Stylage

During one of our Stylage XL and XXL workshops, trainer Pamela Willekens treated Olaf. In the end, he received an injection of 8 ml Stylage. Because he suffered much muscle loss in his face Stylage could not always be injected under the muscle. As a result, he had some more side-effects, such as bruising. But the treatment was not painful at all: “I am used to quite a bit due to my illness. Of course it wasn’t exactly a nice feeling, but I still look forward to the injection!”


Olaf is very pleased and grateful for the result: "I still retain my own facial expression, the change is not too extreme. My cheeks are considerably thinner and my facial expression has become less stiff. People say I look refreshed, as if I have returned more relaxed from a vacation.” Olaf’s experience can also be read on our consumers’ site

Stylage XL and XXL volume workshops

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