Interview with Pamela Willekens

Pamela Willekens works as a cosmetic practitioner in the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, the ACCZ clinics in Zevenaar and Zeist and she has her own practice at home in Belgium. She is a very experienced Stylage user and she trains all the new practitioners who want to start working with Stylage in the Netherlands. We talked to her about the Stylage workshops that she gives for bo medical.

Why do you recommend practitioners to participate in a workshop?

“Whether you are a new or experienced cosmetic practitioner, it is very interesting to see the various applications and effects of Stylage. It is always good to hold the product in your hands before buying it.”

Sharing knowledge

“When I just started out as a cosmetic practitioner, I also attended many workshops to learn as much as possible. It is always fun to give the workshop, because you always learn something new, also from other participants! Everyone has a different technique and a different vision, and it is fun to share it."

Is following a workshop enough to start working?

“During the workshop, I stimulate participants to also inject the product and to practice. Not everyone dares to do this the first time, but you can always attend a second workshop. Often, participants ask me for advice afterwards. In the workshop you receive a lot of information in a very short period of time. The next day, when participants have had time to process the information a bit, many questions arise. That is why I often receive questions via e-mail in the week after the workshop, which I then answer.

What would you advice practitioners who want to stay up to date?

“Attend as many workshops and conferences as possible, read a lot and try out new things. Gaining as much new experience as possible is very important. Sometimes, you must also dare to do things. You must know what you are doing and be confident in that, but sometimes you just need to try it out."

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