Interview with Dr. Catharina Meijer, cosmetic physician

DermaClinic is the first clinic in the Netherlands to carry out Regen PRP treatments in its facilities in Zwolle and in Groningen. Dr. Catharina Meijer, director of DermaClinic and cosmetic physician, shares her experience with Regen PRP.

Why do you work with Regen PRP?

“DermaClinic is a cosmetic clinic that focuses mainly on minimally invasive treatments with high results. This means that we carry out far less invasive procedures with great effects, yet with far less burden on the body and skin. We specialize in skin improvement. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) is a good treatment for this. You can correct the volume and improve the skin.”

What are the advantages of Regen PRP?

“Many of our patients want a natural treatment. As safe as it may be, with botulinum toxin or fillers you still inject a laboratory produced product; not everyone wants this. In a Regen PRP treatment, you use the patient’s own blood and no chemical substances. It really is an added value in the market of injectables."

What can you achieve with Regen PRP?

“By means of mesotherapy (superficial injections) you can work on skin improvement. The day after the treatment you will have beautiful skin; very fresh, shiny and radiant. It is an immediate effect, which decreases a little after a few days. We always recommend undergoing three treatments. During the follow-up treatments, you will notice that your skin becomes firmer and a little bit of volume correction occurs. Patients notice themselves that their skin improves and becomes firmer.

We also often use Regen PRP for correcting volume. The blood plasma that we inject contains active growth factors that have a healing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. The growth factors in the plasma stimulate hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin in the skin. To add volume is an elaborate procedure, the body must slowly create the volume itself. I would never recommend PRP in cases of extensive volume loss. It rather concerns subtle differences, accentuating the contours.”

What are the disadvantages of Regen PRP?

“You must have patience to ultimately achieve the best result. For this reason, some people quit after the first or second treatment. That is a pity, because you can only really see the end-result two months after the third treatment. Also, relatively speaking, you receive many injections and you have got to be able to tolerate that. But our customers don’t mind, they want to see results. Some customers come to us all the way from the province of Zeeland.”

Are there special applications that you use?

“In a Regen PRP treatment I always include the lips. You can improve the structure of the lips and slightly correct the volume. A very subtle effect.”

Do you often use Regen PRP in combination with other treatments?

“Of course it always remains a question of costs. But it is definitely good to alternate between all the skin treatments. For example, you can carry out a microdermabrasion or a glycolic acid peel (a treatment with fruit acids) as a variation for Regen PRP. In this way, you give your skin a different stimulus each time.”

Three treatments: that is an investment. How do you view this?

“That is indeed true, you must be willing to invest. But I definitely recommend it. The radiation of the entire skin of your face and neck will improve because you will look fresher. You cannot achieve that with fillers. An additional effect is that because your skin rejuvenates it also becomes more active. As a result, the skin generates more collagen, making filler treatments less necessary. Thus, you save money on other treatments."

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Photographer: Jan Buwalda

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