Magic Needles

Magic Needle cannulas are characterized by flexibility and suppleness. The needles can be used for a wide variety of products, such as Stylage and PRP, regardless of the amount of viscosity. The needles do not cut the skin or the subjacent tissue. The needles have a rounded tip and the small aperture for injection of the product is located laterally at the extremity of the needle. Its rounded tip ensures resistance of penetration into the deep tissue layers. The needles are characterized by flexibility and suppleness, in complete contrast to the rigidity of cutting needles and trauma-inducing cannulas.

Revolutionary advantages

  • Less invasive: 5-50% less chance of bruises after treatment
  • Less painful: approximately 90% less painful, depending on the psychological situation of the patient
  • The risk of intravascular injection is eliminated, eliminating the chance of necrosis
  • Better product application: the injections can be applied to all areas of the face, even to difficult areas, such as the eyebrows and forehead.


bo medical supplies the following types of cannulas:

MN 25G

The MN 25G is 40mm long and has a diametre of 0.5mm. MN® 25G is used for injecting high viscosity fillers to increase volume in the face. It can also be used in body treatments: injections of high viscosity filler in the lower or upper limbs.

MN 27G

Tested with over 20 different products, the concept of the flexible 27G is revolutionary. The MN 27G is 37mm long and has a diametre of 0.4mm. It can be used for several indications: treatment of the face—particularly for the treatment of the lips—injections of the nasio-labial folds, injections of the commissural area, injections of the oval, of the cheekbones and tear trough, injections of the eyebrows and the temporal area, injections of the front, and the glabella area.

MN 30G

The MN 30G is 27mm long and has a diametre of 0.3mm. Its fineness means it can solemnly be used for extremely delicate areas. Its indication is with a fine and/or older type of skin that lacks elasticity. Its use is particularly interesting in treating fine wrinkles around the mouth as well as jugal lines.

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