Forever Young BBL clinics

The Forever Young BBL treatment is available at the following clinics:

The Netherlands


"Compared to other devices, Forever Young BBL from Sciton has allowed a significant improvement in the FotoFacial procedure to rejuvenate skin, largely because the technology has been easier to use, it's faster, and treats with a larger spot size." Patrick Bitter, Beverly Hills USA.

"Forever Young BBL is extraordinary! I can vary every parameter as needed to get optimal patient results. For instance, it is extremely easy to change the waveband and spot size during a treatment session which allows my patients to get superior results with absolute safety." Kei Negishi, Tokyo, Japan.

"My patients and I have always loved the way the Forever Young BBL improves their skin; now I have the science to encourage my patients to make Forever Young BBL treatments a lifelong commitment to youth!" Elizabeth Hagbert, Edina USA.

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