Patients’ experience with Ambulight

“If you are not sick, then why should you occupy a room in the hospital?”

Lilian van Hezewijk is one of the first patients in the Netherlands who was treated with Ambulight PDT, our home treatment for skin cancer.

Three suspicious spots

Lilian had already been treated in Catharina Hospital for skin cancer spots. When she returned to dermatologist Dr. Gertruud Krekels for a check up, she already suspected that the three spots on her lower neckline were not OK either. Dr. Krekels indeed indicated that she wanted to treat these again with photodynamic therapy (PDT), but it would not be necessary to do this in the hospital. In fact, that very week, Catharina Hospital had planned to start using the Ambulight home treatment.

Christmas lights

Lilian reports: “Since I have to travel from Nijmegen to Eindhoven, I preferred to treat all three spots simultaneously. Fortunately, this was not a problem. After applying the ointment and the foil, three Ambulights were applied. I was out the door in ten minutes! Afterwards, I could simply continue to my business meetings. I did wear a scarf around my neck to somewhat cover the lights. The person I was meeting with actually found it a bit humorous. I looked like a Christmas tree with the illuminating lights under my scarf!”

Completely pain-free

“I was not bothered by the treatment at all,” Lilian continues. “The lights do heat up a little, but it is not painful. “By now, the spots on my lower neck are gone. Also the scars and coloring are less compared to the previous treatment. Sometimes I wonder whether the treatment has been effective. It seems so simple. But I will find that out at the next check up in three months. I am confident."

Efficient treatment for the hospital

Lilian did not only find Ambulight to be a pleasant treatment, she also realized what the advantages were for the hospital: “Because the treatment did not take place in the hospital, I did not take up any space in the outpatients’ clinic. I also did not have to be checked by a nurse. This time and space could simply be used for other patients who are truly sick! I expect this treatment to be used in all hospitals in the Netherlands. It really is good news, also for hospitals.

More information

More information about Ambulight for patients and caregivers. Or watch the video in which Lilian, another patient and Dr. Gertruud Krekels tell about Ambulight PDT.

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