Ambulight patient information

Ambulight PDT® is a new treatment method for basal-cell carcinoma, the most common type of skin cancer. With Ambulight PDT approximately 30% of patients with this disorder can be treated outside of hospitals or clinics.

Skin cancer requires a different type of care

Cases of skin cancer have drastically increased in the past years and according to estimates, it will continue to increase until 2020. Gertruud Krekels, a dermatologist at the Catharina Hospital in Eindhoven, fears that without intervention, waiting lists will arise, because the capacity of dermatologist care to diagnose, treat and follow-up on treatment is falling behind compared to the increase in the number of patients. Already now, half the daily work of dermatologists is dedicated to the care of patients with skin cancer. Also from a cost perspective, skin cancer threatens to become a heavy burden, due to demand upon medical staff, space and equipment. This requires reorganizing the care for these patients.

Ambulant treatment makes it possible

85% of the new skin cancer cases involve basal-cell carcinoma. Approximately 30% of basal-cell carcinoma cases are relatively small and superficial and are treated with PDT. With ambulant PDT patients can undergo this treatment outside of the hospital or clinic.

Ambulight PDT 

Ambulight PDT is a mobile PDT, consisting of a rechargeable battery and plasters with PDT lamps. Ambulight PDT reduces the time that a patient needs to spend in the hospital or clinic from a minimum of 3.5 hours to 15 minutes per treatment. As a result, hospitals and clinics free more staff, space and equipment, which can be used for patients who are not suitable for home treatment. That is why Gertruud Krekels calls this PDT home treatment “an asset in the fight against the skin cancer tsunami.”

Less painful 

The treatment duration with Ambulight PDT is longer and the light intensity is weaker compared to regular PDT. This makes this type of PDT significantly less painful. The effectiveness, the side-effects profile and the required follow-up care are the same as that of regular PDT.

Completely reimbursed

Health insurers reimburse the treatment after referral by the general practitioner.

Patient’s experience

Lilian van Hezewijk is one of the first patients who was treated with Ambulight PDT. She shared her experience.

Treatment centers

The Ambulight PDT treatment is offered by:

  • Catharina Hospital, Eindhoven
  • Flevo Hospital, Almere
  • Maxima Medical Center, Eindhoven
  • Tergooi Hospitals, Blaricum and Hilversum
  • Wilhelmina Hospital, Assen
  • AMC, Amsterdam
  • Antonius Hospital, Sneek
  • Centrum Oosterwal, Alkmaar
  • Dermatologisch Centrum Amstel & Vechtstreek (DCAV), Maarssen
  • Laurentius Ziekenhuis, Weert and Roermond
  • Medical Center Jan van Goyen, Amsterdam
  • MC de Baronie, Breda
  • VUmc, Amsterdam
  • ZGT, Hengelo and Almelo
  • Ziekenhuis Tjongerschans, Heerenveen

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