Ambulight PDT

bo medical technologies is the official representative of Ambicare Health Ltd from St. Andrews Scotland. We distribute the Ambulight PDT skin cancer portfolio in the Benelux (Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg) and the Nordic countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark).

Ambulight PDT is a light-emitting sticking plaster for the treatment of non-melanoma skin cancer (NMSC). Simple and easily applied, the plasters are used in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT). PDT has become a key treatment for skin cancers, an established and growing health issue in many regions of the world. The incidence of non-malignant skin cancer continues to grow rapidly and now affects up to 15% of the UK, up to 40% of the USA, and up to 75% of the Australian populations during their lifetimes. The number of skin cancer lesions requiring treatment is doubling every ten years, as individuals live longer and are affected by the consequences of excessive sun exposure.

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic Therapy has become a key treatment for skin cancers and its use is expanding. PDT is being more widely adopted as it shows greater cost effectiveness and excellent cosmetic outcome while reducing secondary issues such as infection. This is reflected in the latest British Association of Dermatologists guidelines for the treatment of Bowen's disease in which the role of PDT has been significantly upgraded.

Conventional PDT light sources are expensive and cumbersome. Consequently the use of PDT has largely been limited to hospital outpatient services where costs can be high and the service inconvenient for the patient. The Ambulight PDT light source is different from the conventional light sources. It is taped to the patient's skin and is small enough to allow movement whilst undergoing a PDT treatment. Once the Ambulight PDT device is attached to the patient and activated, no further input from medical personnel is required.

Ambulight PDT has the following features:

  • A single use device, packaged as a disposable dressing, it is simple to set up with the patient
  • Wearable low powered light source technology allows greater freedom of movement during treatment
  • Low light intensity - which has the potential to reduce pain
  • A high uniformity of light, wavelength matched to the PDT cream and treatment protocol
  • Convenient for patient, medical professional and healthcare provider


The Ambulight PDT has received a medical device CE mark for marketing authorisation in the EU.



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